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Marriner Custom Sounds: Full-service, remote music production.

From performance to post-production, Marriner Custom Sounds helps you chart your own course and create your own sonic identity. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a developing artist, together we can turn the sounds in your head into a recorded reality!

You won’t even have to leave your house. Hell, you won’t even have to leave the bed!

You send me a demo. Together, we discuss the instrumentation, arrangement and character you’d like for your song. Then, I send you back a professionally recorded track with as many parts as your little heart desires. You record all your own vocal/instrumental parts and send them back to me to mix and master and...

Boom! Your very own original single, ready for release!

With over two decades of performing and recording experience behind me, I’ve never been more excited to create.

Let’s bring your sounds to life.

For more information and pricing:

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